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Regarding Parents Meeting

There will be 'Parents-Teachers Meets First Saturday of every Month. It is must for all the parents to attend this "Meet"'

  • Parents/Guardians are allowed to meet their wards only on I & III sunday of every month between 10 A.M to 04 P.M., 10A.M to 05 P.M(Summer)
  • Meeting with ward(s) is arranged only in Meeting hall'
  • Under no circumstances parents/guardians are permitted to meet their ward(s) in the dormetories.
  • Parents/Guardians can make telephonic contact with their wards once in a month either on the I or III Sunday between 10 A.M & 05 P.M.
  • Parents/Guardians are earnestly requested not to wish to see their ward(s) on any school-day unless it is imperative.